“Sara is very intuitive and understands the underlying reasons for a dog’s behavior. This makes Sara extremely successful finding the best way to work with each specific client and help modify problem behaviors. I can walk through my neighborhood with my reactive dog and know how to prevent problems because of Sara’s help. She is passionate about dog training and devoted to all of us who are her clients. Her extensive range of knowledge is amazing. She looks at a dog’s movement, goes over the body and can see where physical problems are during a fitness evaluation. She created a custom fitness plan, designed specifically for my dog, to help strengthen weak muscles, build core strength and just as important, build his confidence. Fitness classes and equipment have helped my fearful dog and have helped my wild and excited dog. My dogs just love working on this equipment!”

Lynn and Jasper

If you are fortunate enough to train with Sara McLoudrey, you will become a better person. I wish I had found Sara when I first got my dog. It took me several trainers to learn that traditional methods made me uncomfortable, and I knew that my dog did not trust me and deserved a better friend and leader. I was long on love, but very short on know how. Luckily, Sara came into our lives before I harmed what is truly a best friendship between my dog and me, and our family. Sara always says that 99% of dog training is for the person, and she means it. She teaches you, she challenges you, and she empowers you to be a better person and to be a kind, compassionate and effective partner to your dog. You will never find a trainer who inspires you to want to want to have fun with your dog and teach you the know how. She is well versed in competitive canine sports, and continues to hone her skills by constantly learning and competing with her dogs, and she will inspire you to want to build your skills to a competitive level, whether or now you ever choose to enter a trial. If you have ever faced a challenge with your dog, such as guarding, reactivity, fear, or aggression, Sara’s knowledge of animal behavior will help you with any issues. She is so dedicated to her clients, both human and canine. You will never leave a session with Sara feeling bad about yourself or your dog, quite the contrary. While I am profoundly sad that Sara is moving to Portland, I am thrilled for her and her family. Portland is gaining a very valuable resource in Sara. We will miss her. She has strengthened our roots, and we will continue to learn and train to make her proud.”

Inna, Yogi and Cinder

“With Sara’s dog-training expertise, my dog’s reactivity morphed from her barking, lunging, and seemingly ripping my arm out of its socket to now calmly looking at me, shaking it off, and moving on. While my Gracie’s dog reactivity will be a lifetime problem, I am now prepared with the right tools and skills to ensure reactions don’t occur often and when they do occur, my dog can quickly re-focus. Sara’s nose work classes have also been a joy! I started in nose work for something fun I can do with my dog and had very little expectations of Gracie doing well in it. To my surprise, nose work really built my dog’s confidence and is something that we have absolutely fallen in love with. I have also taken Sara’s classes on canine fitness. These have come in very handy during the cold winter months and have helped strengthen my bond with both of my dogs. In addition to this, I’ve done a couple private lessons and felt that Sara was able to offer me unique training ideas that are best suited to me and my dogs. If you’re looking for a wonderful dog trainer, look no further – you’ve found her!

Mallory, Grace and Ollie

“The North Shore of Chicago is losing a truly gifted instructor. Sara has a unique talent for meeting each dog and handler where they are and guiding them to perform beyond their expectations.”

Wendy and Mac

“Oh, Portland, you are getting a wonderful dog trainer!!! Sara will be greatly missed. She is a positive trainer for dogs and their handlers. My Bichon and I have been training with Sara for 2 years and have learned so much. Class is fun for both of us. Sara uses only positive reinforcement methods. Sara has a vast knowledge of dog behavior and is so creative in her training methods. Her competition experience in obedience, rally and nose work is also very helpful. Enthusiastically recommended!”

Andi and Buddy

“Sara’s ability to customize a fitness plan to the individual dog is remarkable. Not only is her knowledge extensive, but her enthusiasm for the process is contagious. Thanks to Sara, my dog  has regained his strength following knee surgery,  and we have new and fun ways to maintain his fitness!

Janet and Watson

Sara, I am so sorry that you are moving but I will be forever grateful for all your help! Your kind, gentle yet firm approach to modifying our cockapoo’s aggressive behavior was a blessing. Your careful analysis of her medical and social history was effective! Thank you for enabling us to keep her because of your wonderful training!

Paulette and Riley

“Sara is a truly gifted trainer. She helped me with everything from major issues (like resource guarding and crate anxiety) to fun tricks. She understands dog behavior and helps you become a better owner & trainer. She also makes the whole process fun. No doubt about it – Portland is getting an outstanding talent.

Anika and Pepper