Tag Teach

Sara McLoudrey is proud to be a Level 2 (TAG-L2) Certified TAGteacher.

level2_badgeTAGteach is a revolutionary science-based teaching method that enables people to teach efficiently and helps students learn effectively. TAG is an acronym for Teaching with Acoustical Guidance. The focused, positive nature of this teaching method yields immediate and stunning results that are clearly evident.

In TAGteaching you are identifying a behavior you want to reinforce (reward) in people.  Interestingly most adults (and many kids) will work just for the TAG. Always reinforce (reward) as needed. There are many reasons you might need a reinforcer (reward) some examples are: a long history of an undesired behavior, a behavior you’re asking for is scary or difficult, the age of learner (young), an unwilling participant, or non-verbal people. Don’t be afraid to ask your learner if they need a reinforcer and what they want. People frequently ask for rewards that are completely appropriate to the task at hand.

TAGteaching is great for so many applications. Sara loves it for clarifying what is being asked of the learner. Also it is great to turn something that you have been nagging about into a positive situation that can be rewarded. In both cases it reduces frustration on the part of the teacher and the learner.

For more information please see www.tagteach.com, www.tagteach.blogspot.com.