Puppy Training

Sara-and-EmmyHas a new puppy joined your family?  Let’s start off on the right paw and take advantage of their “sponge like” ability to learn!

We understand the joys and the frustrations of having a new puppy in your house. Maybe your puppy is being naughty, eating toilet paper, not potting in the appropriate place, nipping or even chewing furniture. Maybe you’re the lucky one with the “perfect” puppy, but just a warning that doesn’t always last! At FLEX Dog Training we have years of experience helping owners make Puppy Training fun for both the puppy and the owners. Once, everyone finds training fun, training becomes easier and almost second nature.

We offer a variety of FLEXible training options for puppy training.

  • Haven’t gotten your Puppy yet, then let us help with the Pre & Post Puppy Package. 
  • Looking for an in home solution to basic training, then the Perfect Puppy Program is perfect for you.
  • Are you taking group puppy classes and need help with just one or two issues? Then Private Lessons will fit your needs!
  • Did you get your puppy and realize you don’t have as much time as your thought for training? Then Puppy Day School will help in no time.
  • Do you have a new performance puppy prospect and want to get off on the right paw? Email us about our Performance Puppy Primer!

Details and pricing about all of these services are below.  Contact us now to start your puppy training on the right paw!

Pre & Post Puppy Package
If you don’t yet have your puppy we offer the Pre & Post Puppy Package. This is a two lesson package.  First, we come to your house before the puppy comes home to help you prepare for the puppy’s arrival. We help set where gates and crates are going to go, set a daily routine, and answer any questions regarding those first few days home. Then, we come back the first week you have your puppy to help with house training, puppy nipping and start some basic puppy training. The Pre & Post Puppy Package is great for people who have never owned a puppy or even experienced owners who have not owned a puppy in a long time. It is easy to forget what it is like to have a puppy and we are here to help! We love owners who are organized and plan ahead for their new arrival, so we offer a $50 discount off our two lesson package if you book a Pre & Post Puppy Package!
Pre & Post Puppy Package starts at $170

Perfect Puppy Program
Are you the lucky new owner of a bouncy, nippy, sweet, snuggly, puppy? It is never too early to start training!Doxie

We like to think of our Prefect Puppy Program as a Behavioral Vaccine to behavior issues later in life. The Perfect Puppy Program starts with an initial consult that is 1.5 hours followed by five additional weekly in-home lessons, for 6 total lessons. Follow up lessons are approximately 50 minutes. The program focuses on teaching you and your puppy how to learn and to enjoy training. We cover basic obedience skills and common puppy “issues” such as nipping, house training, crate training and socialization.

With the Perfect Puppy Program you can add-on our Premier Puppy Socialization Package or Puppy Day School at a 10% discount.
Contact us now to get your puppy off on the right paw with the Perfect Puppy Training Program.
Perfect Puppy Program starts at $720

Private Lessons for Puppy Training
BrieDid you just realize you’re in over your head with your new puppy?
Maybe, you’re taking a group puppy class, but just need a little help with house training?
Is your puppy growling at you over stolen objects or chews?

Then you and your puppy might need a little extra help with In Home Puppy Training. Private lessons start with an initial consult (1.5 hours). During this initial consult we will assess how to proceed with training for you and your puppy and then start training some basic behaviors. After the initial consult, the number of follow up private lessons (50 minutes) are dependent what behaviors you would like you and your dog to learn. 

Private lessons are offered in home, out in the community (as appropriate) and via Skype/FaceTime.
Initial Consult starts at $220 and Follow-Up lessons start at $110
Contact us to set up a Private Lesson for Puppy Training.

 Premier Puppy Socialization Package
baby-rizPremier Puppy Socialization Package is a four week package that you can add-on to your Perfect Puppy Package. With this package we meet you for lessons out and about in the real world to help you understand how to successfully socialize your puppy. One week we attend a scheduled vet visit with you to help you learn how to make the vet “fear free” and a place your dog feels comfortable.

The Premier Puppy Socialization Package can be used in-conjunction with your Perfect Puppy Program, so we come twice a week. Alternatively, you can save the Premier Puppy Socialization Package until you complete the Perfect Puppy Program giving you 10 full weeks of training. We also offer the Premier Puppy Socialization Package as a Doggy Day School package.

Premier Puppy Socialization Package price starts at $400  When you purchase the Premier Puppy Socialization Package with the Perfect Puppy Program or Puppy Day School you will receive a 10% discount on the standard Premier Puppy Socialization Package.

Puppy Day School
Are you busy trying to balance work, family life and training your new puppy?
Are you finding it hard to work puppy training into your schedule?
Do you just want an expert touch to give you a jump start on your training?
Then Day School is a great option for you and your puppy.

Our Puppy Day School package starts with an initial consult (1.5 hours) to teach you the basics of how to train and to find out what your training goals are for your puppy. We then come to your house three times a week for 25 minute of intensive training visits for two weeks. Then, we have a private lesson to teach you what we have been training and see if goals need to be re-set or changed. We will then come for two more weeks of day school visits. Followed up by another lesson to teach you what we have been working on. The Puppy Day School package is 3.5 hours of private lessons and twelve, 25 minute day school visits.

FLEX’s day school is a great alternative to a traditional Board and Train or Doggy Boot Camp program.

Puppy Day School Package starts at $990. You can add either the Premier Puppy Socialization Package and/or the Performance Puppy Primer Package onto our traditional Day School package at a 10% discount. We highly recommend adding the Premier Puppy Socialization Package to day school.

We look forward to helping you train your puppy!

Performance Puppy Primer Package
Are you an experienced dog owner, with big plans for your puppy? Do you have plans for your new pup to be a star in conformation, agility, obedience or even canine nose work? Now while your puppy is young is the best time to lay a great physical and mentally well-rounded foundation. Our Performance Puppy Primer is a 6 week program we focus on teaching your puppy how to learn, problem solve, focus, proprioception skills (how their body works in space) and how training is FUN. We will utilize shaping games, elements of the Control Unleashed program and FitPaws equipment in this amazing program.

The Performance Puppy Primer does not need to be done in conjunction with our Perfect Puppy Program, but if it is you will receive a 10% discount on the Performance Puppy Primer Package.

Performance Puppy Primer Package starts at $595  We also offer the Performance Puppy Primer Package as a Day School package.