Photography Services

Photography Services 
In addition to being a dog trainer, with years of experience and certifications, Sara McLoudrey holds a BFA in Photography from Maryland Institute Collage of jackArt (MICA). She has had award winning portraits hanging in the AKC Museum of the Dog in St Louis, under her photography name of Sara Berry.
Sara’s dual knowledge of dog behavior and photography base helps produce amazing portraits to cherish for years to come. She knows how to get the best out of your dog and make you both look great.
Her favorite portrait sessions are those of a dog’s “Golden Sunset” time. “Golden Sunset” portrait sessions are designed to capture some of those last great moments at the end of your best friend’s life. We want to capture those tender moments of love and kindness that you never want to forget.
In addition to these portrait sessions Sara loves shooting for breed advertising.
Contact Sara for information regarding her photography services.