K9 Nose Work

lynn-and-jasper-nwK9 Nose Work is a newer dog sport. The sport was designed to mimic professional detection dog skills, such as drug or bomb sniffing for the average pet dog. Nose Work has taken off in popularity for good reason. Every dog has a nose, and every dog loves to sniff! From the dog’s perspective, they get to run around and sniff and get rewards for doing so. From the owner’s perspective, their dog is working hard being physical, and solving problems, which equals a tired dog. It is a win, win situation for everyone involved!

K9 Nose Work is open to all dogs, even dogs with disabilities or behavioral issues.

Sara McLoudrey became a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) in 2012, soon after she was introduced to the sport. Since then she has enjoyed teaching a variety of K9 Nose Work group classes, workshops and seminars.

Sara-NW-ribbonsSara currently competes with her American Water Spaniel, Rizzo in NACSW trials. Rizzo has earned her NW3, NW3-I, NW3-C, NW3-E, NW3-C L1-V and L1-E titles. Team Rizzo consistently place in individual elements and the over all trials, earning 3rd place overall for her NW2 and 2nd place overall for her NW3. She also titled her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Dara for her NW1. Dara came out of her obedience career retirement, and loved nose work since she could even though she became deaf due to old age.

Sara loves helping shy or nervous dogs come out of their shell with nose work. One of her teaching specialities is leash handling, helping everyone be able handle their dog with skill and finesse.

K9 Nose Work Private Lessons
Do you have holes in your Nose Work training?
Are you having issues in certain elements?
Are you just looking for new places to train?

Then K9 Nose Work Private Lesson are for you and your dog. We will meet at an appropriate location to work on the skills that you need help training.

Contact us for help with your K9 Nose Work team!

K9 Nose Work Workshops and Seminars
Email Sara McLoudrey to discuss options for a seminars or workshops on a variety of K9 Nose Work topics. One of Sara’s favorite seminars to offer is on Leash Handling. She loves being able to help the human end of the nose work team!

Client Testimonial  
Sara’s nose work classes have also been a joy! I started in nose work for something fun I can do with my dog and had very little expectations of Gracie doing well in it. To my surprise, nose work really built my dog’s confidence and is something that we have absolutely fallen in love with. –  Mallory K and Gracie – Rat Terrier