FLEX Training Philosophy

Training Philosophy
At FLEX Dog Training our goal is to help you develop a wonderfully behaved companion and competition dog using positive reinforcement, training techniques. With this positive approach you will develop a life-long trusting relationship and bond. Our goal is to teach you how to train and interact with your dog effectively and efficiently. It doesn’t help you in the long run if your dog “only listens to the trainer!”

kissing-rizzoAs positive reinforcement dog trainers, we use rewards (food, toys & fun!) with a marker signal (clicker or word) to communicate with your dog when they are right, and you would love for them to do more of what just earned them the reward.

We never train with the use of force, fear, physical manipulation or corrective collars.

FLEX Dog Training knows for the best chance of success it means working with both the owners and their dogs. All good dogs come from good owners, with the help of great trainers. We find it very important that the people are treated with kindness, respect and positive reinforcement too! The more you enjoy training your dog, the more you will train your dog and that will mean success for everyone involved.

We offer a FLEXible variety of positive dog training services to meet you and your dog’s training needs.

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Why choose FLEX Dog Training? At FLEX we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of professional, positive dog training. In our 12+ years as professional trainers, we train have trained every type of dog from your new puppy, basic obedience, nose work and canine physical fitness. We also specialize in behavioral issues such as aggression, leash reactivity, and resource guarding. We offer a FLEXible variety of positive dog training services to meet you and your dog’s training needs. FLEX Dog Training will work to accommodate your schedule by offering in-home dog training, day training, and private lessons.

We are excited to offer our holistic whole-body approach to dog training, in Portland, OR area. Our approach looks at both the behavioral and physical aspects of your dog and how they are interconnected to your dog’s total wellbeing. We pride ourselves in working closely with your dog’s veterinary professionals and other health team members (massage therapists, chiropractors, etc.) This approach gives you and your dog the best training experience possible.

As part of our high level of service you will receive a comprehensive training plan that includes detailed lesson notes, handouts, and follow-up support so you can continue to train your dog successfully.

FLEX Dog Training’s multiple certifications gives you an unprecedented level of experience and expertise.

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