Dog Fitness

Just like people dogs need to be fit to do the variety of activities we ask of them, from agility, hunting, nose work and even just lounging around the house. The goal with a Custom Canine Fitness Plan is to help your dog get fit with 5-15 minutes of training three to five times a week. We know how busy everyone is these days and we want to make your dog’s fitness needs and goals easy and fun for everyone.

If you are active in dog sports the best way to compete at a high level and have your dog have a long career, is to keep them in the best overall physical condition. A Customize Canine Fitness Plan will give your dog the edge and help keep them healthy.

Maybe your dog is a little overweight and that extra weight is causing some joint issues. We can develop a Custom Canine Fitness Plan to help loose weight and strengthen the muscles to help support those sore joints. 

Does your young dog seem to have endless energy? Come and learn how a Custom Canine Fitness Plan can help wear your dog out by challenging them both physically and mentally.

Why choose Sara McLoudrey for your dog’s Custom Fitness Plan? Sara has been teaching group Canine Fitness classes successfully for over 6 years, MasterTrainingLogo_2016long before it became a “fad”. (So much so she named this business after her classes!) In 2012 Sara attended the first professional canine fitness course that FitPaws hosted. Then in 2015 Sara became a FitPaws Master Trainer and is currently finishing up course work to be a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer through University of Tennessee. Also, Sara has experience in a variety of dog sports and careers as an active competitor or trainer in hunt tests/retriever trials, nose work, competition obedience, rally obedience and service dog work. Sara understands that space and money can limit client’s canine fitness equipment, and she always has creative ways to obtain your dog’s fitness goals. Finally, Sara has been a positive reinforcement, clicker based, trainer since 2001 and knows how to safely, effectively, and quickly get your dog working on the various equipment and exercises.

Canine Fitness Evaluation
Are you ready to take you dog’s health, fitness and success to the next level?
Do you have a senior dog who has lost a little pep in his step?
Is your dog overweight and you are looking for help getting them in shape?

Then it is time to schedule a Canine Fitness Evaluation to get you both started. In the evaluation we will go over your dog’s health history and your goals for their future. Then, we will do a physical/hands-on body assessment and evaluate their current fitness training skills. We will demonstrate the exercises you will be working on in your Custom Canine Fitness Plan. You will receive a week long fitness plan designed specifically for your dog and your goals.

The evaluations are 1.5 hours long.
Email FLEX to set up your dog’s Canine Fitness Evaluation and get them fit and healthy.

Sara’s ability to customize a fitness plan to the individual dog is remarkable. Not only is her knowledge extensive, but her enthusiasm for the process is contagious. Thanks to Sara, my dog  has regained his strength following knee surgery,  and we have new and fun ways to maintain his fitness. 
– Janet and Watson

Canine Fitness Private LessonsToller Fitness
Have you and your dog been working hard on their Canine Fitness plan? Now it is time to reevaluate their skills and come up with a new plan. Maybe, you have a puppy (who is too young for a formal fitness plan) who you want to teach about body awareness and how to engage with a variety of canine fitness equipment.

Then Canine Fitness Private Lessons are for you and your dog. Private lessons are approximately 40 minutes, due to how physically and mentally hard canine fitness work can be for your dog.

Custom Canine Fitness Plan
Have you and your dog mastered your current fitness plan? If you’re not quite ready for a reevaluation or ready to take a big step up in training skills then a new plan might be all you need. Then we can design a new Custom Canine Fitness plan over email and/or phone consults.

Email with questions about having Sara design a new fitness plan for your dog.