Dog Behavior Problems

Do you have a dog who has some special issues?behavior-consult-resizednew

Maybe the moment the door is open he is running away at the speed of sound.
Maybe he is scared of everything.
Maybe the sofa has been peed on one too many times.
Maybe he knocked over the neighbors child just trying to say hi.
Maybe he is super dog and can jump the fence in a single bound.
Maybe he licks the walls until the paint comes off.
Will your dog not let anyone into your house?
Does your dog get upset with the groomer or vet and need to be muzzled?

These are just a small example of situations we have worked with in our 12+ years of professional dog training. With our certified, positive approach we can hep you and your dog with any of these issues and any other dog aggression situations. As a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer we guarantee that our methods will be compassionate, humane, dog and family friendly. We don’t need punishment, fear or pain to help your dog be a better part of our world.

At FLEX Dog Training we have dealt with all of these issues and many more. We have years of experience dealing with every type of canine  behavior problem you or your dog could think of. We start all behavior cases with private lesson, initial consult that is 1.5 hours long. From there we will develop a customized training plan for you and your dog. Follow up lessons are 50 minutes long.

Initial Consults start at $220 and Follow-Up lessons start at $110. If there is more then two dogs in the house the initial consult is longer. The length of the initial consult will depend on the number of dogs and the behavior issues we are addressing.

Don’t worry, you are not alone and we can help! Contact us now to schedule your initial consult for you and your dog.

Client Testimonial
Sara is a truly gifted trainer. She helped me with everything from major issues (like resource guarding and crate anxiety) to fun tricks. She understands dog behavior and helps you become a better owner & trainer. She also makes the whole process fun. – Annika and Pepper Dutch Shepherd