Dog Aggression

At FLEX we understand and specialize in the fact that not every dog is the Perfect Pooch.
Does your dog bark and lunge at the all the neighbor dogs?Reactive-Dog-Jury
Will your dog not let anyone into your house?
Does your dog growl when you approach their food bowl?
Has your dog bitten someone?
Does your dog get upset with the groomer or vet and need to be muzzled?
Has your dog bitten another dog?
Are your housemate dogs fighting?
Is your dog fearful and you are afraid they might bite, but haven’t yet?

These are just a small example of situations we have worked with in our 12+ years of professional dog training. With our certified, positive approach we can hep you and your dog with any of these issues and any other dog aggression situations. As a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer we guarantee that our methods will be compassionate, humane, dog and family friendly. We don’t need punishment, fear or pain to help your dog be a better part of our world.

We have successfully worked with dogs with court mandated dog training, multiple dog or human bite histories, and dogs who have given lots of warning but have not yet bitten anyone.

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Client Testimonial
If you have ever faced a challenge with your dog, such as guarding, reactivity, fear, or aggression, Sara’s knowledge of animal behavior will help you with any issues. She is so dedicated to her clients, both human and canine. You will never leave a session with Sara feeling bad about yourself or your dog, quite the contrary. – Inna G. – Yogi and Cinder – PWDs

Reactive Aggressive Dogs (RAD)
One of the most common behavioral issues that we help with is Reactivity and Aggression towards other dogs on and/or off leash. Many dogs are not comfortable with dogs in their space. The dogs communicate this by lunging, barking and in some situations fighting with other dogs. Also, many people are perplexed when their dog who loves to play with dogs off leash becomes Cujo towards other dogs when on leash. 

We understand this can be an incredibly frustrating and even sometimes embarrassing behavior to deal with while in public. Don’t worry! We can help!

Our Reactive Aggressive Dog (RAD) program is designed to help you understand the hows and whys and whens behind your dog’s reactivity. Then we work on training skills for your dog to help minimize their stress and raise their comfort level around other dogs. The program incorporates Emma Parson’s Click to Calm, Leslie McDevitt’s Control Unleashed and Grisha Stewart’s BAT training techniques. We have successfully offering our RAD program for years with well over 100 graduates.

The program starts with a 1.5 hour initial consult to better understand you and your dog’s situation. Then there are seven follow-up lessons to learn various skills. As the skills are mastered we work on putting them into practical applications, like walking in your neighborhood.
RAD Package starts at $920. 
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Our goal is to help you have your dog go from BAD to RAD!

Reactive Dog Leash Walks
Do you have a dog who is reactive on leash? You know how hard it can be to walk them and the only way the reactivity will get more manageable is with lots and lots of walks being under threshold (or non-reactive). Also, you know that not just anyone can successfully walk your reactive dog. That is where Reactive Dog Leash Walks comes in! This program can only be used in conjunction with, or as follow-up training to our RAD program. If you book the Reactive Dog Leash Walks in conjunction with our RAD Program, you will receive 10% off. 

Client Testimonial
With Sara’s dog-training expertise, my dog’s reactivity morphed from her barking, lunging, and seemingly ripping my arm out of its socket to now calmly looking at me, shaking it off, and moving on. While my Gracie’s dog reactivity will be a lifetime problem, I am now prepared with the right tools and skills to ensure reactions don’t occur often and when they do occur, my dog can quickly re-focus. – Mallory K. and Gracie – Rat Terrier

Resource Guarding
suki-rgDoes your dog growl when you approach the food bowl?
Does your dog snap at you when they have a chewy?
Does your dog run off and consume “stolen” objects, even if they are not food?
Does your dog growl when someone gets on the couch? 

If so your dog is most likely resource guarding. Resource guarding (sometimes also called possession aggression) is a very common and from the – dog’s perspective – very normal. It is not unusual for resource guarding to start with puppies. When it starts with puppies it seems rather innocent, sometimes it is very accelerated eating when a person approaches, sometimes it is shown by the puppy refusing to give up a new toy and growling. When resource guarding is noticed in puppies and dealt with in a positive, cooperative way it is very easy to deal with in training. More commonly resource guarding is not noticed at this stage, and becomes an increasingly bigger problem as the dog ages. 

Usually, clients finally realize they have a problem with their dog when there is an “almost” bite or an actual bite happens. Don’t despair, no matter how old your dog is resource guard is a very trainable issue and something that FLEX Dog Training specializes in helping clients with. 

The program starts with a 1.5 hour initial consult to better understand you and your dog’s situation. From there we will design a program specific to you and your dog’s needs and skills. Follow up lessons are approximately 50 minutes. 

If you are having issues with Resource Guarding with your dog, don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can help you and your dog.